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In this critical hour, 300,000 reservists in Israel stand ready, in urgent need of your support. Your compassion can make a world of difference. Imagine the comfort and warmth your donation of basic essentials, like thermal underwear and jackets can bring to our soldiers. It doesn’t stop there. There’s also a great demand for religious articles likeתפילין, ציצית, סידורים , and more – for all soldiers across Israel.

At Yid-to-Yid, we’ve established dedicated centers of operations all across the country, demonstrating our commitment to efficiently reach every corner of Israel. We maintain direct communication with various army units and commanders, ensuring that your generosity is channeled exactly where it’s needed most. Every need is carefully assessed, and we take special care to ensure there are no duplications in the donations.

Your contribution provides immediate relief for our brave soldiers. Join us in supporting them during this crucial time.


Yid-to-Yid's extensive network of nationwide centers of operations ensures our team remains in direct communication with frontline units and commanders, enabling us to promptly address their critical needs.


Your invaluable and crucial donation is gratefully received and efficiently processed by Yid-to-Yid. Rest assured, none of your contribution goes towards overhead costs; at Yid-to-Yid, 100% directly supports our soldiers.


Our team promptly acquires the necessary equipment, thanks to our efficient inventory system, which ensures purchases are neither duplicated nor excessive.


Yid-to-Yid employs a specialized delivery system, enabling our team to efficiently deliver essential gear to soldiers, ensuring it reaches the right destination.

Help Our Soldiers

At Yid-to-Yid, our commitment to Israel’s well-being has always been driven by compassion and solidarity. Over the years, we’ve touched countless lives, providing vital support to families across the nation, thanks to your generous contributions.

Today, as our beloved country faces new challenges, we’ve extended our helping hand to another group of heroes – these devoted reservists and soldiers, numbering 300,000 in total. They stand ready, and with your support, we can make a real difference in their lives.

These brave soldiers urgently need your financial assistance. Your donation, large or small, goes directly to those who need it most. Rest assured, every contribution is handled with care, ensuring that it meets a specific, unmet need.

The Yid-to-Yid community spans across Israel, maintaining close ties with army units and commanders. Together, we ensure that no soldier’s request goes unheard or unmet.

With your help, we create a brighter, safer future for our soldiers and our nation. Thank you for being a part of this vital mission. Your kindness and generosity light the way for a stronger, more resilient Israel.

Donate now, and let’s make a lasting impact, together.