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We are Yid to Yid,
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YID2YID is a groundbreaking new platform allowing yidden to connect and directly help those yidden who require assistance buying Yom Tov essentials.

The purpose is simple: directly connect donors with recipients in a manner that maintains the highest level of discretion and dignity for the recipients.

More than 10 million ₪ have been distributed to thousands of families in the past year and a half

Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky is the Rosh Hayeshiva of Greater Washington – Tiferes Gedaliah

Rabbi Lopiansky is a renowned speaker and the author of several Hebrew Seforim as well as a few English-language books, including Time Pieces, Golden Apples, Seed of Redemption, and the widely acclaimed Orchos Chaim – Ben Torah for Life published by Eshel Publications.

The team behind the Platform

We believe צדקה should be as transparent and efficient as possible. Everyone of us, has brought our expertise in other fields, voluntarily, to achieve this goal for everyone. Now you can also give 100% directly, transparent, efficiently


Families 2,520

Mi keamcho Yisroel!

Every family on the YidToYid platform has been sponsored by generous Yidden allowing them to bring Simchas Yom Tov into their homes.

Thank you!

Any further donations will continue to be distributed to select families that require more assistance. The funds will be uploaded to their shopping card on chol hamoed to allow for further Yom Tov shopping.

Wishing you a wonderful Yom Tov,
The YidToYid volunteers